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Funding Programs

Sustainable non-profits, local branches of government, microenterprises and community development organizations often qualify for grant funding. SCACED members receive funding alerts and assistance with the application process. Please take a moment to learn more about financial resources that may be available to your organization.

Community Impact Fund (CIF)

The Community Impact Fund (CIF) is made possible by generous funding from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation. Its purpose is to make grants available to member organizations for capacity building initiatives, development of affordable housing and/or other economic development projects. Eligible applicants must have…

  1. Active SCACED membership

  2. 501(c)3 status

  3. An active board management process

  4. Financial statements

  5. A history of community economic development projects

Please contact Amber Stewart for more information.


CD Tax Credit Program

The CD Tax Credit Program was made possible by the SC Community Economic Development Act of 2000. SC businesses, corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions and individual residents are eligible for a 33% credit against state tax liabilities for every dollar invested in or donated to certified CDCs or CDFIs.  

Learn more about the SC Commerce Certification Program.

The donations made through CD Tax Credits benefit projects and programs that are focused on improving quality of life in low income communities.

Learn more about CD Tax Credits.

Individual Development Account (IDA)

The South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development (SCACED) statewide Individual Development Account (IDA) program was held 2001 – 2015 made possible through funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and S.C. Department of Social Services. The IDA program is a 3:1 matched savings account program that allows individuals to use their savings and match money toward any of three productive assets: a home, a small business or post-secondary education. Participants are required to save their funds, participate in financial literacy education and asset based training before having access to their match funds.

Current IDA Funding in South Carolina

  • Greenville County (CommunityWorks) - $150,000

  • County of Spartanburg (CommunityWorks) - $75,000

  • City of Columbia (City Community Development Dept.) - $150,000

  • City of Florence (City Community Development Dept.) - $100,000

  • Charleston (East Cooper Community Outreach) - $100,000

Current IDA Impact

  • 100 homes purchased

  • 92 students went back to school

  • 183 business started