Community Economic Development (CED) Fund

The CED grant program was created by the SC General Assembly in 2000 (through the SC Community Economic Development Act) to support certified community development corporation (CDC) and community development financial institution (CDFI) sponsored projects in the state of South Carolina. Qualifying projects and activities are designed to enhance the economic opportunities of underserved and rural communities, this may include small business development, workforce training, commercial retail, historic preservation, financial empowerment, neighborhood revitalization, or affordable housing.

2020 CED Grant Application

Available Funding

Request for Proposals: September 17, 2019
Proposals due to SCACED: October 25, 2019 by 3:00pm
Available Funding: $900,000
Award Request: $25,000 - $100,000
Project Period: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Eligibility: All 501(c)(3), Department of Commerce certified organizations. Must be certified as of June 25, 2019 and actively pursuing recertification, if applicable.

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History grants final approval on any application recommended by the SCACED in order for CED funding to be issued.

In 2019, the General Assembly appropriated the remaining $2 million of the CED Fund. The funding will be disbursed in two grant rounds starting in the fall of 2019. The second grant round will start in the fall of 2020.


To be eligible to apply for the 2021 CED Fund, organizations that are currently not certified by the SC Department of Commerce, must submit a certification application by May 30, 2020. Certification takes a minimum of 90 days.

SCACED coordinates the certification process for community based organizations wishing to earn their CDC or CDFI designation.

Learn more about CDCs and CDFIs.

Learn more about the SC Commerce Certification Program.

Background & History

In 2000, the South Carolina General Assembly passed, and Governor Jim Hodges signed into law, the South Carolina Community Economic Development Act authorizing the appropriation of $5 million over 5 years ($1 million annually) to state certified community development corporations (CDCs) and community development financial institutions (CDFIs). The purpose of the appropriation is to support CDCs and CDFIs whose primary function is to develop projects and activities that enhance economic opportunities and wealth creation in the economically challenged communities through community economic development (CED). CED includes efforts to enable low-to-moderate income persons to become small businesses owners, homeowners, and secure jobs through the development of small businesses, jobs, affordable housing and economic development in the community. In 2006, Governor Mark Sanford and the South Carolina General Assembly approved the first $1 million appropriation from recurring funds. A second appropriation of $1.4 million was provided in 2007 by the South Carolina General Assembly and Governor Sanford, with a third appropriation of $400,000 included in the 2013 State Budget. In both 2015 and 2016, an appropriation of $100,000 was included in the State Budget. In 2019, the General Assembly appropriated the remaining $2 million.

2016 Community Economic Impact Fund Impact

CED Awardee Project Award Amount Jobs Creating/Sustaining Businesses Creating/Expanding Individuals Receiving Training Other Leveraged Resources
Anderson Interfaith Ministries SNAP 2 Work $22,500 36 - 96 $384,165
CommunityWorks Carolina CommunityWorks MicroBusiness Program $10,000 30 - 160 $729,841
Increasing HOPE Three-Part Quality of Life Project $5,000 - - 20 $85,000
Metanoia CDC Metanoia's Youth Entrepreneurship Program $10,000 15 3 15 $121,899
SC Community Loan Fund Investing in Community $20,000 49 3 - $955,000
The Butterfly Foundation Culinary Job Training Program $22,500 20 - - $223,648
Totals - $90,000 150 6 291 $2,499,553