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Community Development Institute (CDI)

CDI offers professional organizations and their staff an opportunity to build skills, learn from peers and connect to existing state, regional and national resources. We offer structured training sessions throughout the year and cover a broad range of topics pertaining to Community Economic Development and Nonprofit Management.


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2018 Calendar

What’s Next?: Organizations Guide to Strategic Planning

Speakers/Trainers:  David Shellhorse, AVP, Southeast Community Development Divisional Manager, Woodforest National Bank

March 14 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Charleston, SC

Does your organization have a plan for the short-term, the long-term, or are you wanting your organization to grow? Strategic planning is a powerful management tool that can help organizations focus their resources, establish priorities, create action plans, and respond to change. Come and learn key aspects of building and sustaining a high-performance organization through strategic planning.

CDC Innovations in North and South Carolina

Speakers/Trainers: Jeanne Bonds, Community Development Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

April 5 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Charleston, SC

In North and South Carolina, community development corporations and financial institutions have diligently worked to revitalize blighted and underserved neighborhoods and help their low-income residents. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Community Development team has released an online publication discussing leading practices from across the Fifth District based on community development insight and practitioner review from the field. Come explore examples of sustained and emerging business models from rural and urban Community Development Corporations across North and South Carolina. This class offers practitioners the opportunity to learn about commercial development ventures, workforce development opportunities, business incubators, community gardens, intergenerational services and financial education.

HUD Certification 3-day Study Session


·       Partnership with TAHC (The Association for Housing Counselors)

·       Krishna Fountain, Fountain & Associates LLC

June 11 - 13 | 8 AM - 5 PM |  Columbia, SC

SCACED is pleased to partner with TAHC to provide a HUD certification exam study session to housing counselors in North and South Carolina.  This 3-day fun, yet fast-paced curriculum will transform the HUD certification exam modules into comprehensive and digestible subject matter.  These sessions are ideal for housing counselors who are experienced but may not test well or new practitioners in the housing counseling field.  According to HUDs final rule, housing counselors employed by a HUD-approved agency must successfully pass its housing counseling certification exam on or before August 1, 2020.

*Lunch will not be provided

Credit Counseling: Train-the-trainer


  • Greenville County Human Relations Commission

  • CommunityWorks Carolina

august 7 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Greenville, SC

This class will give participants the knowledge to conduct a credit counseling education course at their organization. The class will focus on designing and presenting a credit counseling workshop, recruiting partners, marketing the workshop, measuring the impact of the workshop, and working with clients on a one-on-one basis. 

Measuring the Impact of Your Community Development Programs

november 8 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Greenville, SC

Trainer: Sally Morris Cote, Ph.D., The Riley Institute at Furman

Come and learn the introductory fundamentals of program evaluation from The Riley Institute. This training will focus on “evaluative thinking”: the mindset a person or organization needs to cultivate in order to engage in successful program evaluation. Evaluative thinking involves the continual willingness to reflect critically on one’s practice, question underlying assumptions of program operation, and ask “how do we know what we think we know?” Learn the core components of planning and implementing a program evaluation, including: different types of evaluation (e.g. process v. impact); the necessity of stakeholder identification and involvement; the use of logic models and theories of change; outcome measurement; types of data and data collection activities; and reporting. Participants will leave with an understanding of what program evaluation is, why it is important, and how it can be used to improve organizational decision-making and impact.

2019 Calendar

Expanding the Reach: Connecting with Latino Communities

January | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Columbia, SC

Speakers/Trainers: Mike Young, Director of Capacity Building, PASOs

Latinos are one of the many diverse communities in South Carolina. Even though they bring a wealth of knowledge and culture, they continuously miss opportunities to participative in economic development opportunities. According to PEW Research Center, 5% of South Carolina’s population is Latino, with a median annual income of $20,000. 41% of Latinos under the age of 17 live in poverty. Come to this training to learn how community-based organizations can better meet the needs of Latino families in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way. PASOs, a statewide organization, helps the Latino community and service providers work together for strong and healthy families. A preview of this training will be offered at a workshop at SCACED’s annual Opportunity SC conference in September.

Collaborating with CDFIs and CDE's to Transform Your Community

FEBRUARY | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Columbia, SC

Community-based organization have always been challenged with locating and securing a variety of resources to sustain and enhance their programs, activities, and services. Participants will learn more about the resources CDFIs provide, the kinds of programs they support, and how to potentially partner with them in the future to support their organization’s work.


Past 2017 Classes:

Community Development 101

FEBRUARY 15 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  IRMO, SC

Join us for an upcoming CDI class, Learning from History: What the Community Development Past Can Tell Us About the Present, where you will learn about the various trends that have shaped the history of community development and the current state of the profession and - through discussion - understand the current issues facing the field of community development and introduce new ways to think about the work.

Financial Literacy: A Practitioners’ Guide to Program Design and Delivery

may 11 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  COLUMBIA, SC

Join is for a discussion on financial coaching program design and delivery methods which will be presented to aid in the creation of your own financial capability training program. Participants will learn how coaching differs from and compliments counseling, financial education and other services aimed at building a consumers' financial capability. 

Financing your Community Development Work

June 22 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  greenville, SC

Join us for a panel discussion by some of the state’s leading financiers of community development. Participants will learn more about the resources these groups provide, the kinds of programs they support, and how to approach each group for future funding.

Sharing Examples of Innovative Partnerships in the Community Economic Development Industry

JulY 20 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Charleston, SC

Join Don Oglesby, President and CEO of Homes of Hope, and other successful CED organizations as they share examples of innovative partnerships that have increased their impact in their community. In addition to example of real time partnerships the practitioners will share their formulas and best practices for developing and maintaining their partnerships.

Opportunity SC 2017

December 6-8  |  Charleston, SC

Come network with industry peers, funders and partners and learn about innovative and sustainable solutions for low-wealth communities in South Carolina this year's annual conference.

Impacting Communities through Affordable Housing Development

october 12 &13 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  rock hill, SC

Join us for a 2-day interactive class where you will learn the art and science behind developing single-family and multi-family housing projects using proven strategies, tools, and guidance from three Community Development Corporations: Santee Lynches Affordable Housing & CDC, Homes of Hope, Inc. and Community Assistance Providers, Inc. Participants will walk away with actionable steps to start a housing development project in their service area and the tools to analyze your project for fiscal sustainability.

A Deep Dive into Budgeting & Financial Management

november 9 | 10 AM - 4 PM |  Charleston, SC

Join us for a look at the financial management cycle which is when board and staff leaders use analysis of the accurate and contextual reports that they have received during the year to inform their plans going forward.