Who We Are

The South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development (SCACED) is a coalition of individuals and organizations who support the development of healthy and economically sustainable communities throughout South Carolina. Our members work collaboratively to build wealth and create economic opportunity for all SC residents, and many of our efforts are focused on minority communities and other groups who have been left out of the economic mainstream.

The SCACED Mission icon

Our Mission

Through our network of members and partner organizations, SCACED strives to improve the quality of life for low-wealth families and communities by advancing community economic development and public policy in South Carolina.

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Our Vision

We envision an equitable South Carolina where all residents have access to the tools and resources needed to create a vibrant and prosperous life.

SCACED Strategic Focus Areas

To carry out the Mission and realize the Vision, SCACED is focusing on five Strategic Focus Areas (2019-2023):

Organizational Excellence

SCACED is demonstrating leadership and excellence by leveraging an exceptional Board of Directors, growing staff capability and capacity, and nurturing strategic partnerships to fulfill our mission across the state of South Carolina.

Resource Development

SCACED is creating sustainability that is long-term, up to date, and focused on diverse funding streams and revenue generating strategies to ensure that resources are available to fulfill our mission and support the work of our membership and their communities, partners and stakeholders.

Programs and Services

SCACED is expanding programs and services to address the current and emerging needs of members and the CED industry by focusing our resources on optimizing collaborative efforts and demonstrating effective leadership in paving the path for future generations.

Advocacy and Outreach

SCACED is the leading voice for the CED industry and its membership. We work to elevate the need for strong federal, state and local support to expand prosperity for low-wealth communities across South Carolina.

Communications and Awareness

SCACED grows and expands by communicating a clear value proposition to our membership, the CED industry, rural and grassroots communities, and elected officials to expand awareness of the impact that we have in creating prosperity for all residents of South Carolina.


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