SC Commerce Certification Program

SCACED has partnered with the SC Department of Commerce to help organizations who want to earn their CDC or CDFI designation. We currently manage the certification of 22 CDCs and CDFIs that are active in all 46 counties in the state.

Benefits of Certification

Certified CDCs and CDFIs are eligible for donations through the CD Tax Credit program and CED funding.

Certification Process

We accept new applicants on a rolling, annual basis. Certification is non-competitive, but it involves a three-phased review of the applicant’s organization capacity and ability to execute economic development projects and programs…

  1. Internal review

  2. Site visit

  3. Final Determination by the SC Department of Commerce

Please reference the application guidelines listed below to learn more about this process…

SC Commerce Certification Program

Continuing Education

SCACED is authorized to award continuing education credits to CDCs and CDFIs. CDI training sessions qualify as continuing education.

Learn more about the Continuing Education Point System.

Attend a CDI training session.