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Financing Community Development: A Multi-Sector Approach

Community-based organizations have always been challenged with locating and securing adequate resources to sustain and enhance their programs, activities, and services; their very existence means that the organization is filling an unmet need within their communities and unlikely to have the convenience of dedicated and consistent funding sources.  And resource development has never been more challenging now requiring a diversified funding stream including government, non-profit, private, and public funders and partners to help position the organization for growth and sustainability.  Join us for this panel discussion by some of the state’s leading financiers of community development.  Participants will learn more about the resources these groups provide, the kinds of programs they support, and how to approach each group for future funding.

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to Nov 17

Impacting Communities through Single-Family and Multi-Family Housing Development

Access to affordable housing remains a critical need in underserved communities across South Carolina, and the state’s community-based organizations are uniquely positioned to develop safe, decent, and affordable rental and home-ownership opportunities for low-to-moderate income individuals and families that will not be subject to oppressive market-rate housing prices and gentrification in the future.  Join us for a 2-day interactive class where you will learn the art and science behind developing single-family and multi-family housing projects using proven strategies, tools, and guidance from three Community Development Corporations: Homes of Hope, Inc. and Community Assistance Providers, Inc.  Participants will walk away with actionable steps to start a housing development project in their service area and the tools to analyze your project for fiscal sustainability.

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Learning from History: What the Community Development Past Can Tell Us About the Present

  • 2711 Middleburg Drive, Ste. 115 Columbia, SC 29204 (map)
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Across the United States, community economic development practitioners work hard to revitalize blighted and underserved neighborhoods and help their low-income residents. Yet few practitioners know about the origins of their field or why their work takes the form it does.  This class offers practitioners the opportunity to learn about the roots of community development, its accomplishments, and the challenges it faces in the days ahead.

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to Sep 16

Opportunity SC 2016

Join a diverse group of public, nonprofit and private sector leaders who are working collaboratively to build wealth and create opportunity for ALL South Carolinians. “Opportunity SC” connects communities with one another and to valuable resources by providing a series of forums, networking events, seminars and training sessions.

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