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Financing Community Development: A Multi-Sector Approach

Date and Time: December – date TBD

Speakers/Trainers: TBD – two community development funder panels (public and private) 

Location: Columbia – training location TBD 

Session Description: Community-based organizations have always been challenged with locating and securing adequate resources to sustain and enhance their programs, activities, and services; their very existence means that the organization is filling an unmet need within their communities and unlikely to have the convenience of dedicated and consistent funding sources.  And resource development has never been more challenging now requiring a diversified funding stream including government, non-profit, private, and public funders and partners to help position the organization for growth and sustainability.  Join us for this panel discussion by some of the state’s leading financiers of community development.  Participants will learn more about the resources these groups provide, the kinds of programs they support, and how to approach each group for future funding.