Stories of Solar Video Series

The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) recently launched a website and video series to tell the stories of the many residents of the Southeast who are using and supporting solar power in their states. From a former coal miner turned solar installer in Alabama to a farmer in North Carolina, from a pastor in Georgia to high school students in Virginia, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to go solar. And this new video campaign is an effort to ensure their stories are heard.

You can view the website, entitled Stories of Solar, at, where you will see these Southerners share their stories in their own words about why they went solar; what it’s meant for their home, business, or community; and why they want to see policy changed to level the playing field in their states.

Solar power can have a lasting positive impact on our environment, communities, and families; it stimulates job growth, decreases energy costs, and promotes energy independence. South Carolina’s Solar Act kick-started the state’s solar industry, but there is more to be done. Policymakers should work to encourage competitive solar investments and make sure solar opportunities are available to all South Carolinians.