Policy Alert - We need your help to reinstate AFI IDA (Individual Development Account) Funding for FY 2018!

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On May 1, 2017 Congress passed a budget that did not include funding for the Assets for Independence (AFI) Individual Development Account (IDA) program.  We need you to call your Congressmen (House and Senate) and ask them to reinstate AFI IDA finding for FY 2018.

SCACED's IDA program which matches low income individuals savings 3:1 towards the purchase of a home, start a small business or go back to school started in 2000.  

South Carolina IDA Program Impact:

  • 112 Homes Purchased
  • 100 Adults went back to School
  • 189 Businesses Created
  • More than $16 million in Economic Impact in SC

Here are two steps we’re asking you to take by Friday, June 30:

1. Call or email your members of Congress (House and Senate) and urge them to include Assets for Independence (AFI) funding in the FY18 budget. Click Here to Find Your Elected Officials.

2. When you speak with your Senators, also ask them to sign on to Senator Merkley’s “Dear Colleague” letter (attached) in support of AFI in the FY18 budget. Deadline is Friday, June 30 to sign on! This “Dear Colleague” letter of support will be one of the last opportunities to fight to get AFI back in the budget, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to remind your Senators of the impact of this cut. 


Thank you for all you do for your community!